MATHEMATICS 201-103-77


WINTER 2007           Ponderation: 3-2-3          2 2/3 credits             Pre-requisite: 201- 602

Monday 1130 – 1 in H219           Wednesday 1130 – 1 in H219                 Friday  1030-1230 in P211


Instructor: Bob DeJean  Phone 457-6610 ext 5839   Office H209 inside H203.  Office Hours: Monday 10-1130 and 230-4, Tuesday 230-4, Wednesday 10 – 1130 and  230-4, Friday 10 – 1030 and 230 - 4.  Wednesday 9 - 10 I am in the Math Lab for SASS.  Bug me !! I am paid to work for you.

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This course is the second of three required mathematics courses in Aircraft Maintenance.

COURSE OBJECTIVES The successful student should be able to:

1.                               Evaluate a limit and use it to determine the continuity of a function at a point.

2.                               State and use the limit definition of the derivative of a function.

3.                               Find the derivatives of algebraic, trig, exponential and logarithmic functions.

4.                               Use the techniques of implicit and logarithmic differentiation.

5.                               Interpret the derivative as a rate of change.

6.                               Use Calculus to sketch the graphs of polynomial and rational functions

7.                               Solve optimization problems.

8.                               Evaluate indefinite and definite integrals by the methods of algebraic substitution and the use of basic trig forms.

9.                               Calculate the area between two curves.

CONTENT  see over



8th edition approximately $115 


TEACHING METHODS  Classes are primarily lectures, with some discussion and problem-solving.  All classes are integral parts of this course.  At least three hours of homework a week is normal.  Generally, each class session will introduce a new topic followed by worked examples and suggested problems to be done in class. Ask your instructor for help as soon as you encounter difficulties in the course. Always review your notes on a regular basis. Work on the homework as soon as possible following the lecture, as the material will be fresher in your mind.  This will also give you a chance to get help before real problems develop. Use the Math Lab  H-203  and the Math Help Centre H-222. 

Attendance Regulation: “Six missed classes constitute a failure.”  I will not enforce this regulation.


EVALUATION  Class Mark:   10 Homework Assignments  20 %    +   4 class tests   80 %

A student must write the Final Exam if the student’s class mark is > 50%. 

Final Grade is the better of:  50% Class Mark, 50% Final Exam     OR     25% Class Mark, 75% Final Exam


A student whose class mark is < 50% may choose whether or not to write the Final Exam.  If the student writes the Final Exam, then the Final Grade is obtained as above. If the student does not write the Final Exam, then the class mark (< 50%) is the student’s Final Grade.



COURSE COSTS       Text $115  & Scientific calculator equipped with trig and log functions  $20   Most students have these from last semester.


COLLEGE POLICY ON CHEATING AND PLAGARISM  Cheating and plagiarism are unacceptable at John Abbott College. For information on student rights and responsibilities see the Institutional Policy on the Evaluation of Student Achievement (IPESA) in your agenda. In the event you wish a grade review, you must keep the test at least one month past the grade review deadline.


Section      Topic                                                                                 Exercises

Unit I          Limits and Derivatives

23-1                 Limits (use numerical method when requested)                                                5-52

23-2                 Tangent Lines                                                                                                  7-22

23-3                 Limit Definition of the Derivative  (using h)                                                        3-20

23-4                 Instantaneous Rate of Change                                                                         11-30

23-5                 Derivatives of Polynomials                                                                               5-36

23-6                 Product & Quotient Rules                                                                                 3-26, 43-48

23-7                 Derivative of a Power of a function                                                                   5-34

23-8                 Implicit Differentiation                                                                                        3-28

23-9                 Higher Derivatives                                                                                           3-40


Unit II         Derivatives of Transcendental Functions

27-1                 Derivatives of Sine & Cosine Functions                                                           3-34

27-2                 Derivatives of other Trig Functions                                                                  3-34

27-5                 Derivatives of Log Functions                                                                            3-34

27-6                 Derivatives of Exponential Functions                                                               3-30


Unit III        Applications of the Derivative

24-1                 Tangents and Normals                                                                                    3-10

24-3                 Curvilinear Motion                                                                                           3-20

24-4                 Related Rates                                                                                                  3-25

24-5                 Sketch the graphs of Polynomial Functions                                                      5-32

24-6                 Sketch the graphs of Rational Functions                                                           2-18

24-7                 Applied Max & Min Problems                                                                           3-22

24-8                 Differential  (notation only)


Unit IV        Integrals and Area

25-1                 Antiderivatives                                                                                                 5-23

25-2                 Indefinite Integration                                                                                         5-36

25-3                 The Area Under a Curve                                                                                15-23

25-4                 Definite Integration                                                                                           3-28

26-1                 Applications of the Indefinite Integral                                                                 3-12

26-2                 Areas by Integration                                                                                        3-28


Unit V         Techniques of Integration

28-1                 Integration - General Power Formula                                                              3-10, 15-26

28-2                 Integration - Basic Log Forms                                                                          3-30

28-3                 Integration - Exponential Form                                                                         3-24

28-4                 Integration - Basic Trig Forms                                                                          3-28