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Inquiries about the department, the program, employment opportunities or any related matters should be directed to:

The Chairperson:
Dental Hygiene Program
John Abbott College
21,215 Lakeshore Road
Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, Québec  H9X 3L9
514-457-6610, x5643; or fax 514-457-7733


Members of the Department

Ali, Farheen, h.d. :

Ali, Farheen, h.d.


Chatoo, Salma, h.d. :

Chatoo, Salma, h.d.

514 457 6610 ext. 5197

DesRivières, Debbie, h.d. :

DesRivières, Debbie, h.d.

514-457-6610 ext. 5440

Debbie DesRivières began her teaching career in the Dental Hygiene Department of John Abbott College in the fall of 1998. She was awarded a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology from McGill University in 1987 and received a DEC in Dental Hygiene from John Abbott College in 1991.The following year she completed the Residency Program at the Jewish General Hospital. She has 18 years of experience as a dental hygienist having worked in a private dental clinic. Debbie developed the 'Advanced Periodontology' course which she has taught for the past 11 years. In addition to being a clinical instructor she also teaches Health and Safety and Periodontal Instrumentation. Debbie is currently enrolled in the Master’s Teachers Program offered through the University of Sherbrooke and in August 2014 received a Graduate Certificate in College Teaching.

Emery, Theresa Lynn, h.d. :

Emery, Theresa Lynn, h.d.

514-457-6610 ext. 5993

Tess Emery joined John Abbott College’s Faculty of Dental Hygiene in 2012. She holds a Bachelor degree in Human Relations and Education from Concordia University, and is currently completing her Master’s degree at Waterloo University in Health Evaluation. She has worked as a dental hygienist in private practice in Ontario and Quebec since 2007. In addition to teaching Public Dental Health since 2014, she co-created a continuing education course for nurses ‘Geriatric Oral Health’. In 2018, she will be teaching Introduction to Periodontics, Instrumentation (lab), Clinic I (theory and lab), as well as co-teaching Public Dental Health. What she enjoys most about working at JAC is collaborating with her colleagues and supporting the students in their educational career.

Fambely, Christine, h.d. :

Fambely, Christine, h.d.

514-457-6610 ext. 5232

Christine Fambely has over 35 years of experience as a licensed Dental Hygienist. Once completing her studies at Concordia University with a Certificate in Health Education and her Bachelor's degree, she received a Master’s in Education from McGill University. She teaches Dental Anatomy and Head and Neck Examination to first year dental hygiene students. When the students are in their last year of the program her focus is on Orthodontics as well as the clinical experience. Christine enjoys seeing the students become more confident and experienced future professionals over the three years of the program.

Hasko, Anila, h.d. :

Hasko, Anila, h.d.

514-457-6610 ext. 5089

Anila Hasko joined the faculty of Dental Hygiene at John Abbott College in the winter of 2008. Originally from Albania, where in 1992 she was awarded a Doctor of Dental Surgery from the University of Tirana Faculty, Anila practiced her profession for 6 years before moving to Montreal. In 2002 she received a DEC in Dental Hygiene from John Abbott College and worked in private practice for 6 years before returning to John Abbott to teach. Anila received a Graduate Certificate in College Teaching from Université de Sherbrooke in Aug. 2014 where she is currently enrolled in the Master’s Teachers program. During her career as an educator at John Abbott Anila has brought her expertise and experience to many courses in the dental hygiene program including: Prevention I & II, Pharmacology, Radiology, Nutrition: Oral Health, Public Dental Health Fieldwork, Public Dental Health (where she worked as a content adviser of the adopted text), clinical instructor in Clinic I, II and III and more recently Restorative Dentistry. She anticipates many more years of enjoying this rewarding profession.

Hristova, Trayana, h.d. : Dental Hygiene Technician

Hristova, Trayana, h.d.

Dental Hygiene Technician
514 457 6610 ext. 5644


Izgagina, Irina, h.d. :

Izgagina, Irina, h.d.


Kirillova, Ekaterina, h.d. :

Kirillova, Ekaterina, h.d.


Lafitte, Julie, h.d. :

Lafitte, Julie, h.d.


Laforce, Patricia, h.d. :

Laforce, Patricia, h.d.

514-457-6610 ext. 5442

Patricia Laforce has over 20 years of dental hygiene experience. After graduating from Cegep Edouard Montpetit Patricia participated in a residency in Dental Hygiene at the Jewish General Hospital. She has been a member of the Dental Hygiene department since 1998. Patricia obtained a Certificate in Dental Hygiene from Université de Montréal (UQAM) and also a Bachelor en enseignement en formation professionnelle et technique de (UQAM). She has expertise in many areas of dental hygiene including: Prevention, Prosthodontics, Restorative, Periodontal Instrumentation and Orthodontics.

McConnell, Catherine, h.d. :

McConnell, Catherine, h.d.

514-457-6610 ext. 5196

After having enjoyed a 30 year career in clinical Dental Hygiene practice, Catherine McConnell joined the faculty of John Abbott College’s Department of Dental Hygiene in 2012.
An alumnus of the John Abbott College Dental Hygiene Program (1986) and a firm believer in lifelong learning, Catherine pursued further education at The University of British Columbia, where she obtained a Bachelor of Dental Science degree in Dental Hygiene (2012), as well as a Masters degree in Adult Education (2014). In her current role, Catherine teaches Prevention I, Clinic I, II and III and is the acting Clinic Coordinator and clinician. She serves on several dental hygiene departmental committees as well as the John Abbott College Academic Standing and Advancement and Ad Hoc Pathways committees. Catherine is an active member of the Canadian Dental Hygienists’ Association (CDHA).


Price, Ebbiny : Clinical Coordinator

Price, Ebbiny

Clinical Coordinator
514 457 6610 ext, 5765


Stirling, Jane :

Stirling, Jane

514-457-6610 ext. 5645


Tessier, Josée, h.d. : Chair / Clinical coordinator

Tessier, Josée, h.d.

Chair / Clinical coordinator
514-457-6610 ext. 5765

Josée Tessier is a graduate from John Abbott College Dental Hygiene program in 1987. In 2008 she obtained her license in Local Anaesthetic from University of Manitoba. She obtained her Bachelor in Education UQAM in 2012. Josée is presently doing her master’s in Education from Université de Sherbrooke. The courses taught are Introduction to the Profession and Advanced Periodontology. She also is a clinician in Clinic I, II, and III. Josée’s professional experience includes: 24 years in private practice as well as 3 years as a dental sales representative for a leading dental supply company. She has been on the Board of Directors of L'Ordre des hygiénistes dentaires du Québec (OHDQ) since 2007, President OHDQ 2012-2013 and since 2013 Vice President OHDQ.

Tittley, Courtney, h.d. : Dental Hygiene Technician

Tittley, Courtney, h.d.

Dental Hygiene Technician
514-457-6610 ext. 5445


For a complete list of courses available in Dental Hygiene, please visit our section of the Program Planner


The Dental Hygiene Profession


The work of dental hygienists can be divided into two areas – clinical practice and dental health education.

The clinical aspect involves working in private dental office and hospital settings.

The dental health education involves mainly working in community health centres to prevent tooth decay and gum disease, as well as providing information on good nutrition.

Dental hygienists can also work for dental health companies (industries).

Dental hygienists are licensed health professionals who work as part of the dental team. The dental hygienist assumes an important role in caring for the oral health needs and the prevention of oral diseases within the general public. They assess clients’ oral health needs, take dental X-rays, design individual dental hygiene care plans, perform periodontal debridement (clean and polish teeth), insert fillings and apply other preventative measures. Dental hygienists also perform a variety of procedures related to orthodontics.

While most John Abbott graduates enter the work force immediately, with 95% securing full-time employment, approximately 3% continue on to university or dental certificate programs.

For Dental Hygiene Licensure

In accordance with Quebec’s Official Languages Act, l’Ordre des Hygiénistes Dentaires du Québec issues licenses to graduates with appropriate knowledge of French. A Quebec license is not needed to practice outside the province.

Article 9, Bill 57, item 35

The professional order shall not issue permits except to persons whose knowledge of the official language is appropriate to the practice of their profession.

A person is deemed to have appropriate knowledge if:

1.1. He/she has received, full-time, no less than three years of secondary or post- secondary instruction provided in French;


2.2. He/she has passed the fourth or fifth year secondary level examination in French as the first language;


3.3. He/she has obtained a secondary school certificate in Quebec after the school year 1985-86.

In all other cases, a person must obtain a certificate issued by the Office de la langue française or defined equivalent by regulation of the Office.